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The Full Fundraising Experience!

Spunky Peach Fundraising offers 8 simple, easy-to-run programs to fit your group's needs! Click on the options below to learn more.

Products People Love!

At Spunky Peach, we give you the highest-quality fundraising products that families absolutely adore, from spirit gear to holiday must-haves to sweets & treats!

Save Time Online!

Our free and easy-to-use online store is available to use with several of our programs. Supporters can order and pay online, and you can manage your whole fundraiser with the Group Leader Portal.

Our Fundraising Programs

Program 1 - includes 5 Butter Braid® Pastry flavors:

Apple Braided Pastry
Bavarian Crème Braided Pastry
Cinnamon Braided Pastry
Cream Cheese Braided Pastry
Strawberry & Cream Cheese Braided Pastry

Program 3 - includes 16 flavors of Poppin' Popcorn:

Buttery Caramel
Cheddar Jalapeno
Cheesy Cheddar
Chicago Style
Chocolate Delight
Cinnamon Toast
Cookies & Cream
Dill Pickle
Kettle Corn
Movie Theater Butter
Strawberry Shortcake
Texas Cheddar Habanero
Three Cheese
White Cheddar

Program 4 - includes customer gear drives + wholesale gear:

What is a gear drive? It's where you only order what you actually need! With online ordering, you won't end up with leftover spirit wear sitting around.

What about wholesale? Get discount pricing by ordering in bulk! Order for sports teams, office, swag, family reunions, and more!

Versatile embroidery
High-quality screen print
Edge-to-edge dye sublimation

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Program 5 - includes a variety of holiday must-haves:

Reversible wrapping paper
Cookie boxes
Christmas decorations
Sweets and treats
Baking mixes
Kitchen items/tools
Clothing and accessories
And so much more!

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Program 6 - includes a variety of Otis Spunkmeyer favorites:

36 pre-formed cookie dough boxes
18 oz. cake rolls
9-count muffins
Ready-to-eat cookie dough
Cinnabon® sticky bread
David's brownies
Pasquale's pizza
And so much more!

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Program 7 - includes quality products and an easy-to-implement app:

Polar Pal Gift Shop is the nation's leading holiday shoppe provider. Their shoppe is a place where students can experience the joy of giving. Not only is it a lesson in generosity, but it also teaches students how to budgets and handle money. Students can shop in secret to surprise their family on that special holiday! You schedule the volunteers, they take care of the rest.

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Program 8 - includes over 50 different tasteful treats:

Cookies N' Cream bits
Cookie dough dots
Chocolate covered cherry cordials
Pre-baked cookies
Premium popcorn
And so much more!

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